Proflax Natural Superfood: Part Two – What is an Adaptogen?

Herbs have a variety of amazing properties, from Peppermint fresh breath to the anti-inflammatory/Antioxidant properties of the Garlic and Spices we use in cooking every week. What I am going to talk about today is a property that is little known about but most of us subconsciously utilise on an almost daily basis - Adaptogens.


Proflax Natural Superfood: Part One – Do We Need Flaxseed Oil?

Many people that come into our shop and ask about Oils for their pets diet are generally only focused on EPA and DHA. These two are extremely important fatty acids to include in our pets diets

The Science Behind Transitioning Dogs to a Raw Diet.

Many people want to make the change to a Raw, species appropriate diet but have no idea how to go about it. Some suppliers have their own methods and other owners will have their own ideas of the best way to go about it. Today, I will attempt to use common sense, science and our own tried and tested method to lay out the best, safest way to transition Dogs to a Raw diet.