Omega-3’s the Fats that fight your corner.

We often hear about the importance of ensuring our pets get enough Omega-3's in their diet. But what are Omega-3's? Does the source matter? How much is enough? All important questions I aim to answer over the following 3 part post. Part One: What are Omega-3's? To understand the importance of Omega-3's, first we must … Continue reading Omega-3’s the Fats that fight your corner.

Diatomaceous Earth – A Critical Review

Hi Guys! Alot of you will have heard of or may even use Diatomaceous Earth, there are a number of reasons why this product should not be used as will be discussed below, one key reason is : Food grade D.E is legally required to be removed from any and all produce before the consumer … Continue reading Diatomaceous Earth – A Critical Review